Blockchain based Website Defacement Solution for website security

What is Website Defacement?

The Changes made, or manipulation done to an organization’s website resulting in an alteration in its visual appearance, written content or overall message is known as website defacement. Hence, website defacement solution are very critical to secure your website from malicious attack. The intention behind website defacement is usually to damage a company’s reputation or jeopardize availability of a Website which can cause severe revenue loss. In some website defacement cases, changes made aren’t as noticeable and it can take months to realize. These manipulations are done by system crackers and attackers who interrupt a web server and replace the hosted website with one of their own.

Websites can be hacked in following ways:

  • SQL Injection – It is a type of security exploit in which a hacker or attacker “inoculates” SQL code through a web form or makes changes in the URLs based on SQL parameters.
  • Cross Site Scripting – This occurs when a hacker inputs malicious data into a website. It allows attackers to sidestep security mechanisms installed by the client.
  • Remote File Inclusion – It occurs when a remote file is included on a website. This allows the attacker to execute server-side commands and has access to files on the server.
  • Local File Inclusion – The attacker can browse through the server by means of directory transversal.
  • DDOS Attack – This attack makes a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. This prevents an internet site or service from functioning efficiently.

Impact of Website Defacement

  • Direct Effect on Brand Image
  • Losing customers and their trust
  • Impact on Page Rank and Traffic on search engines
  • Ecommerce website/gateway’s defacement can cause revenue losses.

Potential of Blockchain Technology

Disruptive Technology like Blockchain is emerging as a tool around the world to redefine the framework under which information can be used for transactional purposes. Blockchain has the potential to bring massive shift in increased transparency, efficiency, speed, trust and reduced costs in the business ecosystem and beyond.

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize and secure all types of transactions in varied sectors like PSU, BFSI, Healthcare, Education and Government Institutions. Any industry dealing with large amounts of Data and transactions who are concerned about authenticity and security can benefit from Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain is need of the hour for any organization/process where there is a need for bringing more transparency, security, information integrity and immutability.

Why KSI Blockchain based Website defacement Solution

KSI Blockchain based Website defacement monitoring Solutions like URL monitoring, content integrity, out of the box solution ready for deployment, restoration of website in near real time, capacity planning information for future web server and application upgrades, increased website and web application availability, fast detection of outages and website hijacking.

The KSI Blockchain based website defacement solution ensures that tampering of any website or any script file can be automatically detected and reverted to the original state within a minute or two. When any attempt is made for website defacement, the KSI Blockchain based web defacement solution will detect it and revert the website or scripts files to their original state. Hence ensuring no outage or very limited outage of services.

Highlights of KSI Blockchain based website defacement solution:

  • Fast detection of security breaches
  • Fast detection of outages and website hijacking
  • Increased website and web application availability
  • Capacity planning information for future web server and application upgrades

Inspira has KSI Blockchain certified developers, Subject matter experts, Solution Architects to deploy the web defacement solution or Design customizations as per customer requirements.

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