Case Study : Security Infrastructure & Interactive Kiosks


Airline Industry is one of the most rapidly emerging industry in India and APAC. It is accuracy and perfection oriented business demanding top notch response at all times. Extremely technology dependent to keep up the pace of transactions expected by customers, employees and various authorities, using world class products and services. IT and ICT to play crucial roles in infrastructure, operations management and communication systems to ensure service availability and speed of delivery at all times. Derives the biggest benefits from Cloud, Mobility and Analytics technologies. Critical teams include the Customer Service, Cargo Management, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery teams. IT and ICT are best leveraged in the datacenter (& cloud), applications, unified communications, points of sale, network security, ease of access (mobility) and monitoring aspects of solutions.

One of the fastest growing, low cost Air carrier in Southeast Asia HQ in Malaysia, with major offices in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines Flights are operational to and fro Singapore, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam and Macao among other countries. Presence in 11 locations in India, all at major airports, Bangalore being the largest office Primary datacenter in Malaysia with secondary setup in Bangalore passing as a temporary DR Group CEO, CIO and all other top management operate out of HQ, while the CEO and CFO of individual country wise offices operate out of the respective countries India hosts the largest share of headcount of 350+ employees and the highest number of flights per destination of an average of 10 flights per day Standards adopted – DGCA (India), DCA (Malaysia), listed in major stock exchanges


Need to scale up operations to match to rapidly growing customer base.Need to continuously look for innovative ways to attract new customers and retain existing base.Need to constantly improve CSAT levels and retain investor cum share holder confidence.Need to maintain strategic balance between global standards and adoption of technology at regional levels across geographies.Need to constantly improve agility in business innovation and operations.Need to identify the right partner to look up to in case of any solutions.