Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions


Today’s cyber security landscape demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to ensure the integrity of networks, endpoints, devices and data. Email and web usage has become way of life. It has become an important aspect of every organization as enterprises use email for their primary communications – internal & external. Hourly disruptions to electronic communications due to viruses, spam, Trojans, spyware, phishing and other advanced cyber attacks is very common. Malicious malware and other cyber attacks are also creating havoc on today’s businesses. Over the years, these cyber attacks have evolved from random hacking incidents to criminal acts. Cleanup is extremely difficult and costly. The data breaches & leakage is an additional concern.

Cyber Security applications delivered as cloud-based services offer an up-to-date platform to manage these concerns although premise-based solutions still have their place — depending upon an organization’s requirements. Inspira Cloud Security Technology Platform is addressing the above challenges with a choice of Protect, Detect and correct Offerings delivered through strict SLA-driven services on a pay per use model with no-upfront commitment or investments.These cyber security solutions are hosted in an ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 certified Tier 3+ Datacenter and are monitored by Certified Security Experts. Inspira cyber security solutions Detect Offerings offers a choice of near real-time Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) & On-Demand Vulnerability Monitoring (VM) Solution of the IT Infrastructure.

Enabled with embedded Intelligence for analysis & monitoring of alerts for customers on malicious activities, all critical alerts are reviewed and responded by certified security experts & analysts. These managed security services help with efficient Security Monitoring, Cyber Threat response & support reporting on various industry standards & compliances. This makes Inspira Enterprise one among the leading Cyber security companies in Dubai.


1.Festive season holidays need more vigilance.

As the festive seasons starts, banks, financial institutions and other large enterprise are entering a period when their enterprises are typically more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The attacks on Indian Cosmos Cooperative Bank occurred while the bank was closed, which permitted the breach to go undetected for a longer period of time. Holiday season has always been the main target time to plan these kind of cyber attacks. IT Security professionals across the globe needs to update their IT security infrastructure and take a complete stock of their cyber security tools before they enter festive season.

2. Post breach its not only about financial loss only, it’s also the brand that is at stake.

The regulatory bodies have started holding financial institutions accountable for cyber negligence more frequently. The fine for the loss of data and funds have grown up drastically, the loss keeps coming as the fine and customer’s data and financial loss mounts up to a considerable amount for recovery. This not only impacts the financial loss but also a great of amount brand equity in the market, that has been built over a time.

3.The cyber insurance policy needs a thorough check.

To avoid with a larger cyber liability than anticipated. It is recommended to proactively discuss what types of breaches are, and aren’t, covered with your insurance provider could help you avoid unwelcome surprises down the line. Before you get into a partnership with Cyber security insurance services provider, one needs to be very careful about its terms and conditions to understand what lies ahead in case of breach.


Endpoint Security

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP):

Inspira cyber security solution’s Advanced Endpoint Protection delivers an integrated protection for desktops, laptops and other devices against viruses, spyware, spam, hackers, vulnerabilities, web threats and other cyber attacks. Protects your Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and Virtualized systems. It also lets you control the movement of sensitive information, block unwanted applications with an application control list, provides device control and scan computers for missing patches of windows

Standard Endpoint Protection (SEP):

Inspira cyber security solution’s Standard Endpoint Protection delivers an integrated protection for desktops, laptops and other devices against viruses, spyware, spam, hackers, vulnerabilities, web threats and other cyber attacks.. Keeps your windows network safe with a single endpoint agent, including antivirus, web protection (optional) and device control. You can be rest assured about your Cyber Security and Network security with Inspira cyber security solution’s Standard Endpoint Protection. Know more>>

Server Protection

Inspira cyber security solution’s server protection offerings effectively protects your server environment from malware while keeping your servers at peak performance. It automatically recognizes popular server applications and adapts the configuration. Frequent, lightweight definition updates keep your server protection current without causing network congestion. And Live Protection looks up unknown and suspicious files in real time, keeping your servers secure, even between updates. One can relax with Inspira server protection service since their data center and server security is now completely secured from cyber attacks. Know more>>

Email Protection

From bidirectional filtering to data loss prevention, Inspira cyber security solution’s email protection offerings guard users and SMTP servers against common mail and cyber threats while providing administrators with tools to cut down on the time associated with managing quarantined emails. It shield users against common mail attacks and other cyber attacks related to malware, phishing and SPAM Know more>>

Web Protection

Inspira cyber security solution’s Web protection offering guards against malicious and suspicious sites with proactive antimalware capability, able to stop the latest in Web 2.0 and zero-day / zero-hour threats. The Inspira web protection provides all the tools needed to protect users from web based threats, control internet usage and ensure compliance with policies. Your company’s web security is completely secure with Inspira cyber security Web Protection servicesKnow more>>

Network Protection

Inspira cyber security solution’s Network Protection subscription offers tools which are built on to the essential firewall functionality to provide controlled access, deep packet inspection, advanced routing options, redundancy, additional management and reporting tools. Inspira Network Protection service ensures Network security of the organization is not at stake, completely protected. Know more>>

Complete UTM Protection

Inspira cyber security solution’s Complete UTM Protection offering gives you complete IT security from the network firewall to endpoint antivirus. It simplifies your Cyber Security without the complexity of multiple point solutions. The Complete UTM Protection has no proprietary hardware. You can choose between the lines of pre-installed hardware appliances (UTM only), can install the UTM software on their own Intel compatible hardware, install in a virtual environment such as VMware, HyperV KVM, or Citrix Xen, or in the cloud. No matter which option is chosen the available features and functionality are always the same. Know more>>


Inspira cyber security SIEM services includes world class security event monitoring analysis from customer’s critical infrastructure (Servers, Databases, Firewalls, IPS’s, AV, DLP, etc.) and reporting services (Security Alerting, Compliance Reporting: ISO 27001, PCI, etc.). Our team of seasoned and experienced IT security analysts provides decades of SIEM event analysis experience, protecting each customer network around the clock, with the ability to detect and respond to all malicious actors, regardless of where they're located or the malware they are attempting to leverage. The combination of state of the art technology that aggregates and correlates events, proven and reliable response and remediation protocol, and the 24/7x 365 day specialized SOC services we provide through our dedicatedsecurity operations center to each and every customer redefines the concept of network security and cyber security that underscores the necessity for any network based business to employ our services. Know more>>

Vulnerability Management

Inspira Cyber Security solution’s vulnerability management service allows customers to have their networks and applications scanned on a regular basis. This allows the organization to understand trends in software patching, areas to add more resources, and assets that need to be monitored more closely. Our reports are designed for the needs of the customer and leverage the skills of our subject matter experts to filter out false positives and appropriately rate vulnerability risks based on organizational priorities and real-world considerations Know more>>


With the growing adoption of cloud based cyber security solutions in Dubai, Inspira gives you an opportunity to improve user experience, reduce complexity and enhance IT security. It is a perfect cyber security for all the large enterprise and Government bodies of any scale, because they’re easy to install, configure and manage. They also provide automatic and real-time protection from most advanced cyber threats.

  • Inspira cyber security solutions are provided on subscription model.
  • Inspira helps reduce your capital investment, eliminate on-site administration and reallocate IT resources to projects.
  • Inspira helps you get immediate, up-to-date threat protection to ensure that your data, systems and networks are instantly and always secure.
  • The 24x7x 365 days dedicated security operations center allows its customer to monitor their entire IT infrastructure, thereby ensuring complete Network Security.

Why Inspira

We provide comprehensive and cost efficient cloud security services for Enterprises and Government bodies of any scale, right from protecting endpoints, servers, virtual infrastructure, ensure network security, to monitor your critical IT infrastructure. With IT departments lacking time, skill and resources, it makes sense to entrust cyber security experts for managing your organization's Cyber Security so that you focus on core business enabling your talent and resources to add value to your business.

Inspira Enterprise cloud based cyber security services expels the initial investments required for hardware & software, long term infrastructure bonds, Support contracts and huge cost of skilled technical staff. The per-user vs. volume-based costing ensures a fixed cost, even as email volumes and corresponding threats arise.

Advantages of Inspira Cloud based Cyber Security Services

  • • Effortless deployment, Zero Maintenance & flexibility to access from any computer, with no management server required.
  • Scalable Solution for all the endpoints of Enterprise of any scale and complexity.
  • Protect users and enforce policy across devices, on or off the Network.
  • Auto Software & Threat upgrades and real-time policy refresh.
  • User-based management, reporting and licensing.

Case Studies

Auto Hangar

Inspira - Endpoint Protection, Auto Hangar gets maximum level of security of their data by operating through our cloud console.

  • Anti-Virus/Updates/Upgrades
  • Device control (USB being blocked on Pen drives or Read only access provided as per the policy)
  • Data Card should not be blocked
  • Files cannot be copied on the Data card Memory Slot or Card

Bonton Tours

  • One-Click simple remote deployment for all the end-points across various office locations
  • Automatic remote Removal of existing End-point solution, using Competitor Removal Tool (CRT) feature of the i-protect
  • Fully customizable policies to Block USB Pen Drives and Potentially unwanted Applications on low profile user machines and a relaxed policy for higher Management group
  • End-User Access to the Cloud console for emergency changes and configuring exceptions
  • Accurate Reporting and Alerting

Yes Bank

Data protection and Encryption solutions

  • SafeGuard Management Center
  • Device Encryption
  • Native Device Encryption
  • Data Exchange
  • Encryption for file shares
  • Encryption of 4k Laptops.