Case Study : Security Solution


The Company is a full service IATA accredited travel agency in Mumbai as well as New Delhi. The Company was established in July, 2009 as a 360° travel management company to provide its clients with end-to-end travel services for India and across the world. Bonton Tours headquartered in Dubai recently migrated its end-point protection solution from a well-known IT Vendor to Inspira i-protect (security as a service – SaaS) platform.


With our unique solution–iProtect Endpoint Protection, Bonton Tours gets maximum level of security for their data by operating through our cloud console. iProtect Endpoint protection cloud security service brings SIMPLICITY & CENTRALIZED OPERATIONS, Providing the following services for their Windows XP systems:


Setup Managed through i-protect Cloud

The day-to-day administration is being taken care by the i-protect team, which eliminates the need of skilled IT resource on-site and also there is no need to deploy any hardware or VM based servers for AV updates.
Result – Cost savings for Hardware Server, OS license and On-site IT skilled expert.

Simple and Fast Deployment

The complete project was executed without a single IT resource travelling from either side (customer/vendor). The whole process of installation is quite simple and all the installation packages were customized as per required policies and access privilege.

Pay-per-Use Model

Pay-Per-Use enabling Bonton to turn the subscription “On / Off” as per their convenience.