Case Study : Security Solution


Luxurious car enthusiast turns to AutoHangar to fulfill their dream of experiencing the luxurious Mercedez Benz brand on road. A RENOWNED CAR DEALER FOR MERCEDES BENZ, Autohangar has their portfolio ranging from E-Cabriolet to SLK class to B Class. Auto Hangar provides a basket of services from fully equipped workshops, professionals to service luxury vehicle owners, financial specialist providing services on finance & insurance estimation and many more.


Autohangar had 300+ systems and wanted to set customized level of DEVICE CONTROL POLICIES & ALSO PREVENT DATA FROM EXTERNAL THREATS such as virus. Autohangar users are located PAN India and wanted a centralized control to monitor all the systems.

Auto Hangar’s challenge was to allow users to use datacard through the USB slot but control use of other devices such as pendrives/ CD drives thereby unable to copy any data from their system to the removable storage devices.

Autohangar was looking for a cloud solution wherein the device control & security services console should be running.


With our unique solution–iProtect Endpoint Protection, Auto Hangar gets maximum level of security of their data by operating through our cloud console. iProtect Endpoint protection cloud security service brings SIMPLICITY & CENTRALIZED OPERATIONS, Providing the following services for their Windows XP systems:


With the Installation of the iProtect End-point agent, Autohangar users now avail the benefit of complete endpoint security by setting customized policies. Today, their employees can now use reliance data card having internal SD memory card for normal internet access and acts as read-only device. Similarly the USB port has limited privileges such as read-only access. POLICIES SET ON INDIVIDUAL’S SYSTEM WILL BE RUNNING OFF/ON NETWORK. Along with this we have set the password protected tamper protection for disallowing users/employees to uninstall the iProtect endpoint setup from their systems.