Case Study : Security solution


The Government of India's latest tax reform to transform Indian economy on a development of growth, has emerged with the requirement of strong IT Infrastructure to protect exchange of information. The Government Tax Entity Project is exclusive and complex IT initiative.

Concern Area

Strong & Secure IT Infrastructure to handle nationwide data for Taxes. Sanitize, Process the data accordingly and make it usable for a later use whenever feasible

Location: Delhi & Bangalore

Scope of Work

Protection of around 10-20 critical applications URLs behind a Reverse Proxy setup AV scanning of incoming (customer) file uploads at Gateway level Decryption of incoming SSL traffic for security attacks and vulnerabilities Storage & Forensics Analysis for incoming and outgoing traffic WAN optimization for the MPLS connectivity to the Branches and Data Centers across 22 states

Stack Offered

Inspira has recently deployed a security solution for a Government based Tax entity in conjunction with Bluecoat. The Bluecoat components were in turn integrated with Traditional Security protections (DDoS, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, etc.) to provide a complete security solution for the Applications.


The solutions deployed include following components & its functionalities:
Bluecoat - SG-Proxy used in Reverse Proxy mode
Bluecoat - CAS (Content Analysis System) Appliance integrated with Reverse Proxy for AV
Bluecoat - SSL - Visibility Appliance, for decryption of package and processing decrypted traffic
Bluecoat - Security Analytics for the Security & Forensics Analysis for all incoming and outgoing traffic
Bluecoat MACH5 - (WAN Optimization) to optimize the Bandwidth along with Byte, Object Caching

A dedicated team of 4 personnel from Inspira executed project across Delhi and Bangalore location. UAT support was provided for around 2 months for extensive testing of the solutions. Deployment was planned as per the set timelines with accurate deliverables. Timely- go live in first attempt for a nationwide Infrastructure project with proper planning, and capacity optimization.


With Inspira solution in place, client is in full control of the incoming Traffic, and is able to take appropriate action for vulnerable files. The Security Analytics serves as a Forensics tool to give security incidents in real time and also provide detailed analysis on historical security based events.