Case Study : Wireless Technology


National Information Infrastructure (NII) is a pilot project to create a unified e-Governance infrastructure by integrating ICT infrastructure. The main purpose of this pilot is to implement and study the new technologies in the States for connecting government offices and to deliver services. In this pilot project 7 States/UTs are chosen. Nagaland is one of the 7 States/UTs.

Concern Area

Nagaland is a Northeast state with heavy Rains with Strong winds. The terrain is hilly, rugged and mountainous. The hillsides have frequent landslides which make challenges on maintaining the cable communications.

Location: Nagaland

Scope of Work

Peren District of Nagaland was chosen for implementation of wireless technology under NII Pilot project. Under the Pilot, 1 district and its 7 blocks, 89 Gram Panchayats and 311 Horizontal Offices were considered. The duration of the pilot project is 5 year after implementation. The provision to connect Government offices is as follows:-


The Backhaul network is created by connecting all the locations via 1+1 Point to Point (Wireless connectivity) for redundancy and further connected with their respective GPs via Point to Multi Point (Wireless Connectivity). For last mile connectivity, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is installed at all the offices at end locations. 4 Block (Ruzaphema - old Peren – Athibung - Jalukie Town - Ruzaphema) are connected in Ring Network in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node making a ring. Data travels from node to node, with each node along the way handling every packet and the backbone created would serve 13 hops covering a total distance of 154 Kms, distance between any 2 hops ranges 10 to 18 Kms. The bandwidth available at each hop is approx 100Mbps.Backhaul and Base Transceiver station (BTS) are installed at the 13 hops and Customer Premises Equipments are installed at 267 GPs communicating with the BTS with a bandwidth of approx 2 Mbps at each GP.

Benefits & Results

Wireless Installation is recommended over wired network.