Case Study : Big Data Appliance & Hadoop environment


RajComp Info Services Ltd. (RISL), is a Government of Rajasthan enterprise. Its areas of expertise are IT consultancy, e-Governance project conceptualization and implementation, capacity building in the IT area, provision of customized IT solutions spanning hardware and software projects, GIS development and multimedia development.

Concern Area

Over the past two decades, government have increasingly leveraged information technology to transform relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Through the use of technology, government have improved the delivery of services to citizens and increased the efficiency of their own work processes.

In the today’s information era, the size of information/data is growing exponentially. Apart from the size of the data sets, the variety of the data which is being generated today from various sources like web, social media, surveillance video logs etc is quite heterogeneous. The volume and variety of stored data poses the problem of quick retrieval of the desired data from the database. Traditional database management systems often have difficulties in handling the big data.

The current challenge is that department is not able to use SAS properly without big data solution. The department intends to leverage the advanced analytics solution so SAS can be used for analytical services on big data platform.

Location: Rajasthan

Scope of Work

Supply, install and configure the necessary hadoop ecosystem on the infrastructure. The hadoop environment created should be capable enough to integrate with any Structured, Unstructured and Semi Structured databases.

Stack Offered

Teradata Big Data Appliance & Hadoop environment with 400 TeraBytes + and 300 Terabytes along with Research Platform of 30 Terabytes. The solution includes:

Benefits & Results