Case Study : Hospital Management Information System


The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai is also known as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). It is the civic body that governs Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra and is India's richest municipal organization. Established in 1882 in Greater mahanagarapalikeci India was the first corporation. Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation is the largest local government organization in Asia.

Concern Area

MCGM has a need to improve the quality and responsiveness of healthcare services. The objective is to implement HMIS at MCGM's network which comprises of 3 Major Hospitals, 1 Dental Hospital, 18 Peripheral Hospitals, 5 Specialty Hospitals, 28 Maternity Homes, 161 Dispensaries and 183 Health Posts. MCGM has huge number of patients visiting MCGM health facilities and with the number of cases increasing, it is difficult to manage services with existing manual processes. Thus automation and re-engineering of the existing manual processes have become a key activity for MCGM health facilities. The projects aims at integrating patient care, clinical services, non-clinical support administration, diagnostic services, drug inventory management, epidemic control and other ancillary services which will interconnect all MCGM managed hospitals in the city, maintain electronic records of all patients across MCGM health facilities, eliminate data redundancy and provide accurate and reliable data.

Current Challenges of MCGM Healthcare

Location: Across Mumbai

Scope of Work

Implementation of Hospital Management Information System across all the MCGM health care facilities. (399 Locations)

Benefits & Results

Hospitals: Efficient Hospital Administration, Simplified workflow, Standardization, Improved decision making, Increased efficiency of clinical and support services MCGM Administrators: Better delivery of health care services, Cost Control and Time Management, Improved decision making, Early alerts on disease trends Citizens: Faster access to critical services, Increase in patient satisfaction, Increase in transparency.