Digital Marketing Communication – a priority for Inspira to strengthen its brand
Published On : 2018-06-19

Manoj Kanodia

CEO - Inspira Enterprise India

“At Inspira, we have now decided to strengthen our digital marketing communication for the coming year with clear focus on brand positioning along with our COE’s (Center of Excellence). Marketing strategies like content marketing, social media, search engine marketing & search engine optimization play crucial role for successfully building the brand Inspira.

Overall, apart from organizing events with OEM Partners, Inspira focuses on digital marketing. The key objective is to promote brand, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales through various strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Our marketing strategies are now getting much focused, as we have now started working towards the future of marketing concept i.e. B2ME. All our marketing communications are getting personalized to an extent that would positively impact the decision maker of any organization.

We are more focused in our approach now and have designed GTM strategies basis on the target industries. Inspira Enterprise marketing communications are now completely focused on Account based marketing, which will be replicated on all our social media platforms.

At Inspira we always believe in futuristic innovative and disruptive technologies that will make difference to our clientele overall business positively. We will be catering to all verticals – Government/ PSU, Defence, BFSI, Healthcare, Enterprise and Smart Cities.”