Inspira transitioning from a traditional to the digital approach to meet its business goals

Name:- Manoj Kanodia

Designation:- CEO, Inspira Enterprise India


Brand Positioning vs. Marketing Tactics

Marketing plays a formidable role in shaping of business strategy and its success. Right from building the brand to promoting its service offerings in the market and positioning the brand as the industry expert, all marketing activities are strategically executed.


At Inspira, we have decided to strengthen our digital marketing communication for the coming year with a clear focus on brand positioning along with our COEs (Center of Excellence). Marketing strategies like content marketing, social media, search engine marketing & search engine optimization play a crucial role for successfully building the brand Inspira.


Building strategic content around Networking, Unified Communication, Security, Cloud, Blockchain, smart city & Healthcare Solutions in our COEs, would help us to reach the relevant target group.


Apart from organizing events with OEM Partners, Inspira focuses on digital marketing. The key objective is to promote the brand, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales through various strategic digital marketing initiatives.


Our marketing strategies are now getting much focused, as we have now started working towards the future of marketing concept i.e B2ME. All our marketing communications are getting personalized to an extent that would positively impact the decision maker of any organization.


Good data for a Good Brand Strategy


We have been consistently validating our database by regular profiling through various online and traditional marketing mediums. Apart from this, the visitor’s data generated on our website is analyzed further to help build brand communication online. We have now started positioning our brand basis on the data generated through social listening.


Inspira Enterprise has subscribed to Data profiling portals which helps in building new dataset in the existing database. We have now aggressively started working on Data analytics that helps raw data turn into meaningful and useful insights, which helps us in predicting our user behavior and their expectations from Inspira Enterprise.


R&D driving Growth


Inspira partners with world leading OEMs who invest heavily in R&D rather than just the box selling. With the latest technological advancements it becomes imperative to stay abreast with the changes happened in the last few years. Cloud and SDN offering has taken a giant leap in the current era. Inspira has launched its Security Operation Center at Navi Mumbai. It is offering its Cloud services and Managed Security services (Saas) to all organizations from large to medium scale. We have moved from Old-school delivery to more of a work-flow based delivery model. With standard requirements, we have structured work-flow based tool to enable delivery across our COEs (Centers of Excellence) – Networking, Cloud, Security/ SOC, Unified Communication, Blockchain, Smart City & Healthcare Solutions.


The work-flow assets have helped us to build comprehensive checks & balances to deliver error free service, where all the information captured and assets to be delivered to the customer are reviewed and tracked. We believe in services and have the ability to go beyond providing a platform and design holistic solutions for our customers.

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