A governing civic body of Mumbai wanted to improve the quality and responsiveness of healthcare services. They wanted integrated patient care, clinical services, non-clinical support administration, diagnostic services, drug inventory management, epidemic control and other ancillary services to interconnect with all the managed hospitals in the city, maintain electronic records of all patients across the health facilities, eliminate data redundancy and provide accurate and reliable as-is data and cater to hospital administration functions such as store inventory, purchases, material management etc.


Inspira successfully implemented hospital management information system across 3 major hospitals, 1 dental hospital, 18 peripheral hospitals, 5 specialty hospitals, 28 maternity homes, 161 dispensaries and 183 health posts.


The HMIS lead to more efficient hospital administration and a simplified workflow, along with improved decision making, increased efficiency of clinical and support services, cost control and faster access to critical services – which significantly improved patient satisfaction.