Cross Platform Data Migration

Migrate Servers, OS, Storage on Any Platform with Zero Downtime


Being able to manage all this on a cross platform level is a great contribution by ESDS.Build a robust platform to overcome complex problems in execution of IT disaster recovery. Get India’s one of its kind solution which supports Cross Platform DR, where you not only enjoy x86 platform for heavy & complex applications, but also save 90% of DR cost on eNlight cloud.


Migration of enterprise applications across different environments swift and easy

  • Migrate to New Hardware (homogeneous or heterogeneous)
  • Lower the overall expenditure of Data Migration projects
  • Reduce downtime caused due to application unavailability
  • Upgrade the Operating System or Database Software
  • Prevent Data Loss and Retain Data Quality
  • Minimize interruptions to your day-today Business Operations

Near-Zero Downtime Migrations

Data migration from one platform to another is a cause of concern for many IT strategists, as it involves moving business critical data due to reasons ranging from increase in demand for resources or to cut costs or simply the need for a more reliable environment.

Planning for Data Migration

Planning is the foremost step through which any complications can be avoided at the execution stage. Businesses need a reliable and consistent methodology that takes into consideration their specific migration requirement, which means accounting for operating systems, storage platforms, and of course performance.

High Availability during Migrations

For any business, the most desirable product is going to be one that maintains continuous data availability during the migration process without having an impact on performance at either end.This helps to guarantee the availability of your website or service during the migration process and provides the ability to seamlessly switch between the old platform and new platform without incurring any downtime.

SAP Cross Platform Migrations

Get an SAP cross platform data migration service that supports diverse enterprise systems. Hardware can potentially be one of the biggest influencers in migrating SAP applications. Whether you are looking to migrate our SAP application from a HP-UX system to an x86 platform, or an IBM AiX system to x86 platform, or HP-UX system to IBM AiX system, you get tailor made data migration process that also takes care of your operational requirements.

Integrity Protected Database Migration Solutions

Databases form a major part of the infrastructure that underpins many enterprise applications, acting as the single point of storage for all data so that it can be accessed throughout the application. At ESDS, we are equipped to handle complete migration from legacy systems/proprietary systems to new platform or partial migration to meet specific requirements with ease and complete professionalism and integrity.

Release your data migration stress

We will carry out a thorough evaluation of the resources that are being used at both ends of the process, such as the hardware and software being used to power your platform. Such an evaluation allows our migration experts to plan a migration that suits your individual requirements best and also minimizes any potential challenges.