Managed Enterprise Back Ups

Get Continuous, Fast & Reliable Back Ups


Get online backup solutions which use high-performance server back up software application. Enable disk-based data protection and recovery for servers and workstations running Windows or Linux operating systems, in a physical or virtual environment.

Continuous Back Ups

Take regular back-ups with our backup solution, which uses replication and synchronization all over the network to protect your disk volume data. You can store all the point-time snapshots on a disk based storage (Disk Safe).

Fast Back Ups

Bypass the file system level, as our backup solution operates directly at the sector level to read your hard disk volumes. It performs disk sector synchronization even while the server is online and provides no interruption to other I/O requests, even on a busy server.

Reliable Back Ups

Operate back up for your Windows/Linux servers on bare-metal restore and disaster recovery feature. Multiple restoration points and a complete management control panel provide system-wide file protection and full server back ups.


High Performance Backup

CDP 3.0 can reduce your backup windows from hours to minutes; improve data recovery point objectives by replicating your data to disk-based archive storage up to every 15 minutes; and reduce the impact of backups on server load.

Central Backup Repository

Central Web-based administration. No special hardware required; works on existing TCP/IP network infrastructure. Manage up to 30 or more server backups to one CDP Enterprise Server. Store CDP backups on any reliable disk-based storage.

Portable Backup

With CDP 3.0 portable Disk Safe® technology, your backups go wherever you need them to. Move your Disk Safe to a new location, open it with another CDP installation, take it with you, even copy it to a USB drive and put it in the car.

Multi-Point Replication

With CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition you use multi-point replication to efficiently make multiple backup replicas of your servers. Both on-site and off-site or redundant on-site copies of your recovery points are possible.

Bare-Metal Restore

Bare-Metal Restore is a high-performance alternative to file-by- file restore. By bypassing the file system and streaming blocks directly to disk, restores of large file systems can be performed significantly faster.

MS Volume Shadow Copy (Windows)

The Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is used by CDP to produce a point-in-time snapshot of the disk volume, delivering protection for locked and open files.

Innovative Web Interface

In addition to the policy management and reporting, you can browse, download, and restore files from your recovery points using an Explorer-style interface. You can also see the detailed progress of replication and restore jobs as they run.

Data Retention Policy

Define a CDP replication goal; for example, every 15 minutes, or every hour, or every 4 hours. Then define how many recovery points you will retain. Old recovery points are automatically merged and their storage is recycled.

Maximum Protection for MySQL and MS SQL Databases

Backup Windows MySQL and MS SQL databases online with minimal disk I/O load and impact using Continuous Data Protection add-on.