Get the Right Scale for Your SAP Application


Build your SAP application on SAP certified practices which include – a deeper SAP know-how, expertise in SAP analysis and implementation, advanced technology and Tier III infrastructure. Get built-in scalability and flexibility to generate optimal response time for your application.



Pay on a monthly basis for the number of user accounts and amount of RAM+CPU consumed in that particular month. Pay only for the SAPs used to run the application.

Dynamic Resource Scaling

eNlight is an auto-scalable cloud which allows you to scale without a reboot, so that your business runs absolutely seamlessly. Autoscale and allocate resources on the fly.

Customizable, Managed & Secure

  • User friendly and Customizable Business Process Applications
  • Tier III Infrastructure Services
  • 24*7 Online Support for any Emergency or Support
  • eNlight’s 7 high specification security layers for end-to-end SAP security

High Availability

  • SAP servers are configured to boot over the network using a shared operating system
  • Insertion of SAP virtualization by decoupling of application and operating system
  • Allowing SAP database to get attached to either shared or dedicated storage
  • Provision of a revolutionary mechanism through Autonomous agents for the implementation of high availability function without any cluster services.